Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I find out who is the hiring manager or lead recruiter on this post?

You should fill all your information about yourself carefully and well so that the type of job you want will be easily available, then you must upload your resume and keep it here.

Q. I am having trouble with online process, is there any alternative way to apply?

See online is the best way to find jobs, if you are thinking that if you get a direct job after going, then it is very difficult, so you people can apply online easily, you will get the job of your choice.

Q. I can't remember my user ID and / or password, can you reset it?

Yes, you can do it on your own very easily, you have to make a forgotten password so that you will get a mail on the register email, it will have a link to the reset or the password will be sent.

Q. What are the definitions of different types of jobs?

The definition of different types of jobs is that if you people want any type of work, we will help you in taking that job.

Q. What benefits does a career offer?

As if you are interested in some such work but you have not been doing that type of work then this method helps you a lot.

Q. I get an error message when I try to log in to apply?

I can understand your problem because you are seeing this problem because you have a different email id or password or you are typing your username incorrectly, so you can get rid of your problem by doing a forgotten password.

Q. I have several accounts, can they be purged or removed?

According to me, you should open a single account, if you have opened many accounts by mistake, then you can delete it if you have more than one account.

Q. How long is the review process after the first review posting is listed?

As soon as our team will see your post and everything will be posted immediately but sometimes it can take 24 hours.

Q. How do I apply for a job opening?

If you are looking for employees for your business, then you can do it by pressing on the button of Post New Job.

Q. When can I expect to hear from the hiring department?

When you apply to any company for a job, it depends on that company when those people will contact you for hiring.